The Breathing Brush
a modern approach to an ancient art

Le pinceau qui respire

The hand, the body, and
the brush in synchronization,
introduces the distinctive art which is
Tomoko Kodama's trademark.

The 3Bs or Breathing Method
was developed with students from
diverse cultures in Ottawa, Canada

Tomoko Kodama’s work is
"an evocative presentation of the
philosophical and aesthetic underpinning
of sumi-e or brush painting.
This book made this traditional
Japanese art form accessible
to Canadians”
Canada Council 1991



“The Breathing Brush” DVD
is also available in
French, Japanese, Chinese,
Korean and Portuguese
ISBN 978-0-9693974-5-B

Oriental Calligraphy and Painting
The 3Bs Body Breath and Brush

encourages creativity, even for beginners
promotes a relaxed approach
to this centuries-old art
These exercise manuals
can accompany the above book.
The manuals introduce a variety of scripts
(regular to cursive style),
over 100 characters in each,
along with a sampling of student works.

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Calligraphy plus Imagination
ISBN 978-0-9693974-6-5

Calligraphy for everyone interested in painting,
especially for artists, teachers and students.

“an amazing lightness of being...
a new vitality can infuse your
drawing, watercolour, pottery design

Volume I and II manuals are bilingual
(English and French)

Beginner to Master
Du debutant au maitre
ISBN 0-9693974-3-7

…. Feel the brush “tip” by body
... hand and wrist must not manipulate the brush”

This manual is designed for all ages regardless of experience, especially for teachers and students of the Chinese and Japanese languages.

For Haiku and Tanka lovers who want to write with brush, Kodama emphasizes writing with rhythm, making it more enjoyable and create an attractive handwriting by brush, pen and pencil.
[please see Vol II pg 43]


DVD - $25 CAD
Book - $35 CAD

Volume I - $30 CAD
Volume II - $30 CAD

Art Cards - Set of 3 - $20


Recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Ottawa School of Art in 2009,
Tomoko Kodama celebrated 40 years of teaching with students and friends
and created the “Painting with Words” series in this three-card set
using her Breathing Brush method.

All proceeds from the sale of these cards will go
to further the activities at the Ottawa Japanese Cultural Centre.